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We conduct background investigations in the USA for legal matters, employers, security clearance, government jobs, and businesses. 


We require the purpose of your inquiry by email at, including the person's name and date of birth. 


The background investigation reports are completed within 24 hours of processing your payment.   


The reports will include the following: full legal name, alias names, date of birth, current and previous addresses, current and previous employers, education, degrees completed, qualifications, skills, all social media sites, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal and traffic violations, businesses, affiliations, corporate filings, bankruptcy, liens, and judgments.



  • Bankruptcy records: We can search an individual or entity to determine if they have ever filed for bankruptcy.  The records will include the details and status of the bankruptcy.  

  • Business credit report: A credit report will help you mitigate risk when doing business with suppliers.  Our reports will provide an in-depth business summary, history of operations, financial statements (when available), public records, collections, judgements, payment scores, and payment indexes.  

  • Business registration searches: These reports will provide company details, including the type of legal structure, legal name, registered office address, nature of business, directors, owners, shareholders, how long the business has been in operation, last annual returns filed, and articles of incorporation. 

  • Civil records: These records will include all civil filings of a particular person or entity in a court of law.   We can search lower courts, provincial courts, and higher courts anywhere in the world to determine if there are any legal actions against a party and the disposition of the actions.  

  • Traffic violations and driver licence verification: Driver license verification will include the name, license issue date, license type, license number, expiration date, traffic violations, and dates of the convictions.   

  • Property ownership: We can search by name or address for a permissible purpose. 

  • Professional license: We can verify if the applicant is properly licensed in their trade.  

  • Personal property search: We can check to see if there are any secured liens registered against the property of an individual or business. 

  • Media searches: We can search media sources worldwide.

  • Open-source intelligence records: We have expertise in researching and locating relevant tools to carry out investigations. 


Please note that some searches in countries will require the party's written consent.

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