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Do you feel like you’re being watched? Do you have reasonable grounds to believe someone is illegally monitoring you? We provide surveillance countermeasures to give you peace of mind in family, civil and criminal matters. If you suspect that your home, office, business or car is bugged with a hidden audio, video or tracking recording device, we can carry out a discreet sweep of your location. If we find any hidden devices, we will provide you with the evidence, and if you are not being monitored, you can rest easy. Our detectors can locate all types of hidden devices, including:

Wireless microphones
Wired and wireless cameras
Audio transmitter bugs
Video transmitters
GPS tracking devices (when the device is transmitting a signal)
Wireless /transmitter bugs
GPS vehicle tracking devices
All types of concealed transmitters
All types of hidden video cameras
Computer and fax eavesdropping transmitters
"Series" and "parallel" telephone transmitters
Bumper beepers and body-worn transmitters
All types of infinity devices
Wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function
Telephone taps (wired and IP phones)
Tapping device for vehicles
Illegal phone bridging
Voice recorders
Parabolic reflectors
Laser tapping

To learn more about our sweeps and the other specialized services we provide, please get in touch with us today.

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