Alaska Records

At our firm, we make sure to keep track of all the records to provide accurate data for our clients. If you need to keep an eye and investigate an individual’s details like business corporate records, criminal records, and more, get in touch with Duncan Investigations today.


Listed below are the professional services we offer:

Asset/Business Searches: We can search by name to find out all business associated with an individual/director.


Business Corporate Records: We can search by entity name, officer/agent, incorporator, month or year, or ID number.


Criminal Records: This report will include past conviction information, current offender Information, criminal identification information, non-conviction information, sealed information, correctional treatment Information (if available).


Court Records: We can provide immediate access to state wide court records in appellate, state, district and bankruptcy courts.


Divorce Records: We require the full name of husband, full name of wife, date of divorce, city, village and the purpose of your request.


Death Records: We can verify the death of an individual.


Family Investigation: We can determine the names of family members of an individual immediately.


Motor Vehicle Records: We can research or verify ownership of a motor vehicle and address for the purposes of recovering a debt or security interest. In connection with a civil, criminal, administrative or arbitration proceeding or before a self-regulatory body, or for an agent employee or contractor, insurer or insurance support agency and this information must be used in connection with a claims investigation, anti-fraud activities, or rating or underwriting. We will require proof as well as the plate number or person’s full name.


Employment Verification: We will require your request in writing to including the full name of the applicant and the name of the employer.


Employment Records: We can determine the current and previous employers of a subject instantly.

Financial Records: We can provide a credit report of a business.


Neighbour inquiries: We can immediately determine the names, addresses and phone number of all neighbours located in the vicinity of our subject to carry out interviews.


Inmate Locater: We can find out if an inmate has been incarcerated or we can locate the whereabouts of an inmate in a federal prison from 1982 to the present date. We will require the BOP Register Number, DCDC number, FBI Number or INS number. We can also search by full name as well. We can also find an offender in state prison to provide information of custody status changes. We require the full name or offender ID number.


Land Titles Records: We can search land record portals to assist in locating, researching, and verifying land ownership and land use managed by the State of Alaska.


Offenders in Alaska: We can check on the status of an offender in Alaska and/or determine if the offender moved to another state.


Property Tax Records: We can determine what the property tax records are for a property.


Sex Offender/Child Kidnapping: We can check if the individual is a registered sex offender or child kidnapper


State Professional Searches: We can verify all state licensing requirements.


UCC: We can search by name to provide a record of filed documents related to the security interests in personal property.


Workers Compensation Verification: We can verify if an employer has workers compensation insurance.